Dead line for entry is August 15th 2020.

In the official competition UNDER THE SURFACE  has the films dealing with history, in the widest interpretation of the fields.

Films compete in three selections

– Documentary film up to 30 minutes

– Documentary film over 30 minutes

– Feature film

  • The films that apply for the official competition of the Festival can be no older than three years. The year that is considered as the year of the completion of a film is the year when the film began with the commercial distribution in the country of origin.
  • Films must be properly entered at the correct entry form from the UNDER THE SURFACE  website. Entry form must be filled with all required data. Otherwise, the submitted films will not be sent to the Selection Committee. Especially important – Youtube, Vimeo, .. or some other link must be send in order to selectors and JURY might do their job timely.
  • Official languages of the festival are Serbian and English. Films from other than Serbian-speaking countries must have overvoicing on English or subtitle in English.
  • The films are sent to the commission by email ( or similar.

Should you have any queries in regards to the “technical specifications”, please contact us at  for further information.

  • The quality of the films that apply for the official selection is determined by the commission of selectors that have to perform their task at least 45 days before the Festival begins. The commission informs the board of the Festival and the applicants on their decision.
  • All the films have to be sent no later than August 15, 2020. All the authors or producers that apply for the official competition are under obligation, besides sending the official application by mail in written form and by e-mail, to send the following:
    1. A photograph of the director
    2. A short biography and filmography of the director (up to 70 words)
    3. Two pictures from the film or from the set
    4. The synopsis of the film (up to 90 words)

Without these elements the application will NOT be considered valid and complete. These elements are necessary for creating the catalogue of the Festival.