Media camera at publicity eventAll the representatives of the media interested in covering UNDER THE SURFACE can be given credentials by the organizer of the Festival.

In order to receive credentials for covering the Festival, all the media representatives have to send the organizer the following data:

  • First name and last name
  • Country
  • Home editorial offices
  • Function he or she performs
  • Type of media

The requests for receiving PRESS credentials have to be sent to the organizer no later than May 15th, 2020.


Because of the limited accommodation capacity, the organizer has the discretional right of giving credentials to media representatives. The credentialed journalists of the local media cannot be provided with accommodation during the Festival by the organizer.

The organizer can give credentials to media representatives that are valid during the entire Festival, but also for a shorter period.

All the credentialed journalists will receive the credential cards that will give them unrestricted access to all the Festival objects:

  • the special dinners for the opening and closing of the Festival
  • the film shows
  • the round-tables
  • the press centre
  • the Press conferences
  • the busses for the outings
  • and all the other objects marked with the logo of UNDER THE SURFACE

The credentials will contain the participant’s name, country, and function at the Festival, all clearly printed.

Every journalist will be given the credentials in the Festival offices right after his or her arrival.

The PRESS centre service, in cooperation with the official headquarters of the Festival, will daily inform all the participants about the Festival programme for the next day.