The Festival participants will be given offical credent by the organizer of the Festival.

The participants can be:

  • the members of the jury
  • the directors or producers of the films in the official selection of the Festival
  • the journalists invited by the organizer to cover the Festival,
  • the invited directors of other related Festivals from abroad
  • special guests invited by the organizer
  • the representatives of partner organizations
  • the students having their training during the Festival
  • the volunteers from Golubac who will help in the organization
  • the technical staff of the Festival
  • the guests who came to the Festival with some of the invited participants and paid for the accommodation during the Festival
  • some individuals from the local authority.

All the listed people will be given credential cards that will give them unrestricted access to all the Festival objects:

  • the special dinners for the opening and closing of the Festival
  • the film shows
  • the round-tables
  • the press centre
  • the Press conferences
  • the buses for the outings
  • and all the other objects marked with the logo of UNDER THE SURFACE

Every participant will be given the credentials in the Festival offices right after his or her arrival.