Golubac … you were there … heard about Golubac … no ?!

You have not missed anything big … Major failures are in your life unacceptable, but once you come here, you will realize that there are so many small things that you can make life easier for a short time, simply and expressly. Imagine … do not … experience the Danube – the most famous European river, at the place that rightly received the title “The widest smile of the Danube”. For this is taken care of personally by Mother Nature and separated sixty square kilometers expanse that featured the Danube in the brightest release.

We directly helped her in such a way that we did not touch her. We did not build a powerful factory, we had no money for nuclear power plants, cement plants and other modern society. We offer you untouched nature, healthy food and a smile, a little less than the one that sends you our Danube …

We do not have 100-storey solitaire glittering in glass and aluminum, we do not have magnificent shopping malls and famous stadiums … We have a beautiful, three kilometer long promenade along the Danube bank, we have the most well-preserved Dunav fortress that just adds to the beauty (as if it was not already beautiful) , we have the Tuman Monastery, a quiet and dignified place where you can find peace and healing.

We do not have wide boulevards and night lights that can be seen from the month. We have (the others rated it) the best racing field in Europe, the dream of every sailor, the best terrain for fishing for sloths and carp … We have dozens of real Danube alas that will save you Vanilla fish soup and apologize for hundreds of incredible fishing stories while you sit beside the fire on the Danube bank and do not notice the comfortable stone that has replaced your leather office chair.

We have a young history professor who will take you by boat to sail to the hill and tell you about a handful of legends related to our city and fort. If you do not have all of this, we will call you the canyon of the Brnjica river and you will have the impression that the guiding guide for you, for small money, took you to the rainforest of Brazil, and you can also go to some mild walkway of health through the famous National Park “ĐERDAP”.

There … now you know what you missed because you were not a guest yet … Actually you do not know, these are just letters …

Prepare all the senses for the complete Ignorance experience and go. We are waiting for you. Let us personally show you all this about what we wrote.

And through cinema art together we explore the UNDER THE SURFACE!