About Festival

UNDER THE SURFACE Festival has history as its basic guideline, and according to the modern approach, the Festival Council interprets history in the widest possible sense of the word. Thus, both documentary and feature films will be part of the festival. It is important that their main topic is the events that have taken place. Events that have filmmakers tried to break away from oblivion, or to interpret in their own way. Exposed to the camera’s eye, not the eye of the encyclopedia.

UNDER THE SURFACE Festival will be held this year in the period from 6 August to 9 June and will be primarily a revised character. As an introduction to the competition selection that is expected for us next year.


In addition to TV houses, professional producers and directors, for the competition part of the Festival UNDER THE SURFACE can apply, NGOs and associations, even individuals who are from love or hobbies dealing with history …

And if you are just a movie lover, visit the Festival. All the Festival screenings and associated events are free and open for all the interested.

Come where the Danube resembles the sea!

Golubac awaits you!